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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NeVafGlobal eVaf namespace
 NCLIThe main eVaf command line interface (CLI) application
 CApplicationThe main eVaf CLI application class
 NCommonCommon eVaf library
 NInternalInternal implementation of the common eVaf library
 CAppIApp application interface implementation
 CConfigDefault implementation of the iConfig interface
 CEventQueueIEventQueue interface implementation
 CIniFileImplInternal implementation of the IniFile class
 CIniFileSectionINI file section in the internal cache
 CIniFileValueINI file value in the internal cache
 CLoggerILogger interface implementation
 CLoggerSourceLogger source
 CLoggerWorkerWorker class for the logger
 CNameValuePairStructure for queued write operations
 CPropImplementation of the iProp interface
 CRegistryIRegistry interface implementation
 CEventEvent class for all the eVaf events
 CiAppEVaf application interface
 CiConfigEVaf configuration interface
 CiEventQueueThe eVaf event queue interface
 CiLoggerLogger interface for eVaf modules and applications
 CIniFileClass for reading and writing parameter values in INI files
 CiPropGlobal properties and variables for eVaf applications
 CiRegistryCommon registry for interfaces
 NFileFinderApplication for searching files
 NEngineModule that implements the engine for searching files
 NInternalInternal implementation of the FileFinder engine
 CEngineImplements the iFileFinder interface
 CRegExpChainA chain of QRegExp patterns
 CWorkerWorker thread searching for files
 CModuleModule for the FileFinder application that searches for files
 CMainWidgetMain widget for the FileFinder window
 CModuleGraphical User Interface for the FileFinder application
 CFilterFile filter defining patterns for file names and contents
 CiFileFinderFile finder interface
 NGUIThe main eVaf GUI application
 NInternalInternal implementation of the main eVaf GUI application
 CFatalErrFatal error message dialog box
 CApplicationThe main eVaf GUI application class
 NGuiCommon eVaf GUI library
 CPanelEVaf GUI panel class
 NLogViewModule for showing messages output with the eVaf::Common::iLogger interface
 NInternalInternal implementation of the LogView module
 CModelData model for the log view widget
 CMessageOne logger message
 CModuleLogView module's implementation
 CWidgetThe log view widget
 CWindowThe log view window
 CFactoryPlugin factory class for the module
 NPluginsLibrary for managing loadable modules (plugins)
 NInternalInternal implementation of the plugin manager library
 CModuleOne external module implementing the iPluginFactory or the iPlugin interfaces
 CPluginOne iPlugin interface object
 CPluginManagerPrivateInternal implementation of the plugin manager
 CiPluginCommon interface for all the eVaf modules
 CiPluginFactoryCommon plugin factory interface for eVaf modules
 CPluginManagerPlugin manager for eVaf applications
 NCLICommand line interface for the PswGen application
 CModuleCommand line interface for the PswGen application
 NGeneratorModule that generates strong passwords using cryptographic methods
 NInternalInternal implementation of the Generator module
 CGeneratorImplIGenerator interface implementation
 CModuleModule implementing the iGenerator interface
 CModuleGraphical User Interface for the PswGen application
 NStorageModule that stores options for strong passwords
 NInternalInternal implementation of the Storage module
 CStorageImplIStorage interface implementation
 CDataData stored for every password
 CModuleModule implementing the iStorage interface
 CiGeneratorPassword generator interface
 CiStoragePassword storage interface
 CDateTimeSCOS date/time class
 CModuleGraphical User Interface for the ScosTime application
 NSdiWindowModule that implements the Single Document Interface
 NInternalInternal implementation of the module
 CMainWindowMain window widget implementing the iSdiWindow interface
 CSdiWindowPluginSdiWindow module's implementation
 CFactoryPlugin factory class for the module
 CiSdiWindowSingle Document Interface window manager for eVaf applications
 NTestModule for testing the eVaf application framework
 NInternalInternal implementation of the test module
 CTestPluginTest module
 CFactoryPlugin factory class for the test plugin
 CModuleVersionInfoVersion info structure for modules